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Stevioside, as the sweet components of stevia, is distributed in Stevia leaf stem roots and other parts , but has the highest content in the leaves, and its content changes with the growth process, and is highest in the squaring stage, non-toxic and safe
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Stevia Extract

Stevioside, as the sweet components of stevia, is distributed in Stevia leaf stem roots and other parts , but has the highest content in the leaves, and its content changes with the growth process, and is highest in the squaring stage, non-toxic and safe, low-calorie, stevia is favored for these characteristics, is known as the world's third source of sugar, biological activity and product development studies on stevia arouse the interest of many scholars at home and abroad.

Stevia is a mixture of eight kinds of ligands which is constituted by the same diterpene glycoside. Free of sugar and calories; white to yellowish color and suitable taste, no smell, is the new source of sugar of promising development. Stevioside is a sweetener which has been found in the world and approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health to use, low calorific value and very close to the natural sucrose taste. It Is the third natural sweetener in addition to sugar cane, sugar beet, having development value and health respected,and has been hailed as the international community, "the world's third source of sugar." Stevia as a food sweetener, is preservative widely used in food industry,to produce high-intensity, low-calorie, low-salt, anti-caries food.


Stevia, Asteraceae,Stevia genus , Stevia species, perennial herb. Its origin is Amambay Mountains at the junction of South America Paraguay and Brazil, it is a valuable sugar crop.It has been the introduced and cultivated in China. Whole contain sugar, highest sweetness in blade.

Containing stevioside 14%, glycoside in the branches is equivalent to half of it in the blade. Leaves are dried and crushed to be used as sugar, or by alcohol treatment, ether precipitation, from 20 to 26% egg yellow crude extract can be obtained, the sweetness degree is 100 to 150 times of white sugar, refined products are white , the sweetness degree is 250 to 300 times of white sugar, and the heat is only 1/300 of white sugar. Stevioside has six monomeric species, and has been extracted as white powder diterpene glycosides chrysanthemum glycosides (stevioside), 300 times as sweet as sucrose; diterpene glycosides (steviolbioside); rebaudioside A, up to 450 times the sweetness of sucrose; rebaudiosideB; glycyrrhizin a (dulcoside a) and glycyrrhizin B (dulcosideB), etc., can be used as the sweetener supplement.

Stevia likes humidity, and its soil requirements are not strict. In the moist soil enough fertilizer, at a temperature of above 15 ℃, it grows well, less oxygen root system, resistance to humidity, not drought, growth is suppressed when it is short of water in early stage . Early growth stage needs less absorption of nutrients, while exuberant stage absorbs the most nutrients, of NPK, absorbing the most potassium, less phosphorus , moderate nitrogen, compost and lime can increase production. The squaring stage is the appropriate harvest period, when the glucoside and single glucosyl stevioside are the most abundant.

Stevia is not only originally wild, but also cross-pollinated plant, after years of introduction and domestication, their offspring widely are separated, the variation range is very large, its mixed strains include large leaves, small leaves, thick leaves, thin leaves, late maturity, early maturity, disease resistance, no disease resistance, drought resistance, no drought resistance and other types, applications on the production is mainly the big-leaf flower later type.


Stevia (stevioside), also known as stevioside, steviosin, stevia extracts, as a potent sweet component of sweet chrysanthemum (stevia rebaudinan bertoni) which is contained  after extraction from the leaves through refined. Stevioside as colorless crystals, 200 to 300 times  sweetness of sucrose, with a slight scent of menthol and a small amount of astringency, heat stability, not easily broken.

The large number of tests have proved that stevioside has no toxic side effects, non-carcinogenic, safe to use, with a cool and sweet features.

GB2760-1996 of China regulation provides that: stevioside can be used in candy, cakes, drinks, solid drinks, fried snack foods, preserves, preserved fruits, sauces, soft ice cream and pharmaceutical materials, etc,use appropriately according to production needs


Stevioside is a glycoside from the stevia plant. Stevioside is a natural sweetening agent with sweetness about 250 times that of sugar with negligible effect on blood glucose. Stevioside, much like ot her steviol glycoside is known for its application in treatment of many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is also used as a food additive and in dietary supplements.

Stevioside is a natural, calorie-free sweetener obtained from the leaves of the plant stevia rebaudiana bertoni. it is a steviol glycoside in which steviol's carboxyl and hydroxyl hydrogen atom is replaced with glu- cose; it has two linked glucose molecules at the hydroxyl site. it is the major steviol glycoside found in the stevia plant and is 250–300 times sweeter than sugar. it is heat and ph stable. it has been associ- ated with a bitter and licorice taste. see steviol glycoside.


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